Important information:

  • Visitors of any nationality holding a valid US visa (or traveling from the USA to Mexico) whose purpose of travel is tourism, business or transit does not need to obtain a Mexican visa. The immigration authorities at the point of entry in Mexico (airport -border - port) will verify the validity of the USA visa (or flight ticket USA-Mexico) and the passport presented, and thereafter will grant entry to Mexican territory.
  • Visitors of any nationality whose purpose of traveling to Mexico is tourism, business or transit and who is a legal permanent resident in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan or the Schengen Countries are exempted in applying for a Mexican visa, the visitor has to prove permanent residency before the immigration authorities at the point of entry in Mexico (airport -border - port).
  • Visitors holding an ABTC card issued by APEC is exempted in applying for Mexican visa.
  • According to the Mexican law, obtaining a Mexican visa only allows its holder to arrive at the international transit point to request for permission to enter Mexico at the Mexican immigration filter. The visa does not guarantee the entrance to Mexican territory; the entrance depends on the final approval granted by the Mexican immigration officer at the point of entry.